Vero Beach Asset Protection Attorney

Are you in need of legal advice on how best to protect your nest egg from creditors?  If so, the asset protection attorneys of The White Law Group can help.

Asset protection is the process by which one employs strategies and legal structures designed to shield your assets from the reach of creditors, business partners, the I.R.S. and ex-spouses. An asset protection lawyer will create a well-designed asset protection plan as a protective fort around the client’s estate and guards’ family wealth from external creditor attack. The most effective asset protection plans contain multiple layers of protection, so that even if a creditor can defeat one protective device there are other impediments to the creditor’s attack. Working with an experienced Vero Beach asset protection attorney will help ensure your assets will be fully protected.

Asset protection is therefore a vital part of any estate plan and a well-prepared plan will protect you from exposure to judgments arising out of lawsuits. Asset protection does not involve hiding assets. The techniques used by the asset protection attorneys of The White Law Group are fully within the boundaries of the law.

Some of the most common asset protection devices are as follows:

  1. The Florida Homestead
  2. Florida Irrevocable Trusts
  3. The Family Limited Partnership
  4. The Limited Liability Company
  5. Joint Tenancy Property
  6. Annuities
  7. R.A.’s
  8. Life Insurance
  9. 401 (K) and Federal Sponsored Retirement Plans
  10. Offshore Corporations and Trusts
  11. Florida Corporations (In limited situations)

Asset protection is especially important for physicians and other professionals who have exposure of their assets to lawsuits and large jury verdicts.

For a free consultation with an asset protection attorney, please call the attorneys of The White Law Group at 772/242-9330.  With its offices located on the Miracle Mile, the firm represents individuals and business throughout the Vero Beach area.  For more information on the firm and its asset protection practice, visit

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