Vero Beach Elder Law Attorney

Are you in need of an attorney with knowledge of issues specific to elderly individuals?  If so, the elder law attorneys of The White Law Group may be able to help.

An elder law and special needs attorney has specialized knowledge in areas of the law that directly relates to the aging or elderly client and persons with disabilities.

For example, an elder law attorney helps properly plan for the possibility of disability, incapacity, home health care and/or nursing home placement and advises clients on how to receive public benefits, including Medicaid.

An elder law attorney also helps prepare Durable Powers of Attorney to provide authority for the client’s named designee to act for him or her regarding financial and legal matters and prepares Designation of Healthcare Surrogate forms in which the client chooses a loved one to make vital healthcare decisions for them when they are unable to act for themselves.

An elder law attorney also gets involved if there are any guardianship issues and helps to secure someone to properly handle an incapacitated person’s personal and financial affairs.

You need an elder law attorney if….

  • you or your loved one is over 55 and needs estate planning documents prepared
  • you or your loved one is disabled, incapacitated or diagnosed with a disability for Medicaid planning and special needs trust planning,
  • you or your loved one is a beneficiary or a fiduciary and something doesn’t seem right,
  • or, you want to know your options for public benefits.

To speak with a Vero Beach elder law attorney, please call The White Law Group at772/242-9330 for a free initial consultation.

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