Vero Beach Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Are you worried about losing your house to foreclosure?  If so, the Vero Beach foreclosure defense attorneys of The White Law Group may be able to help.

In Florida, foreclosure defense law is broken down into two general type of cases.

–        A Foreclosure Defense based on a fraud, illegitimacy of debt owed, or other type of affirmative defense where the mortgage holder is not the bona fide owner of the alleged debt.

–        A Foreclosure Defense which seeks extensions of time, modifications, short sales, government qualified programs or other internal programs offered by the particular lending institution or creditor.

The foreclosure defense cases based on fraud are rare. Florida provides many legal mechanisms for a lender to recover their fees if they can show that the money was lent at the request of the home owner. This is so, even if the lender cannot show or produce the original lending instrument.

Accordingly, 99% of foreclosure defense cases deal with mediation, negotiations and a management of the Court Docket to make sure you have the best opportunity and time to negotiate a fair resolution to your particular situation. Countless programs exist or have existed including, HARP 1, HARP 2, HAMP 1 and HAMP 2, Private SAM, rate reductions, term increases, and in some unique cases, debt reduction write-offs.

The law and programs available to owners who are in arrears are constantly changing or are being modified. Moreover, programs are often specific to the lender’s policies and procedures and also are oftentimes geographically tailored based on your county of residence, city of residence, and even town of residence. This is why an experienced local attorney experienced in foreclosure defense law is necessary.

In some foreclosure cases, the use of the bankruptcy laws can be a tool to further negotiate with the bank, to eliminate a second mortgage, and to reorganize all your debt. The attorneys of The White Law Group are able to assist if bankruptcy is in your best interest.

The White Law Group is available to assist in foreclosures in Indian River and Martin counties.

To speak with a Vero Beach foreclosure attorney, please call 772-242-9330 for a free initial consultation.  For more information on The White Law Group, visit

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