Wall Street v. Main Street Podcast

The firm’s managing partner has launched a podcast to discuss issues involving the securities industry and to shine a light on some of the tricks of the brokerage industry.

Originally aired on 1370AM, 107.9FM, 101.7FM in the Treasure Coast, the Wall Street v. Main Street podcast is a different take on the investing podcast.  Mr. White is a national securities fraud, securities arbitration and investor protection lawyer.  He represents individuals throughout the country in FINRA arbitration claims against their brokerage firm.  This podcast doesn’t involve investment advice but rather provides information Mr. White believes is useful to investors in dealing with their financial advisor – how to pick an advisor, questions to ask your broker, insight in to why advisors recommend certain products, etc.

Wall Street exists to charge individuals for investment advice – some needed, some not.  Each episode is intended to pull back the curtain on Wall Street and to shine a light on some of the tricks used by brokerage firms to maximize their profits at the expense of Main Street investors and to provide information useful to investors to help them level the playing field.


Visit www.wallstreetvmainstreet.com to listen to the podcasts.