Commercial Litigation

The White Law Group has experience handling all types of commercial litigation matters, including employment disputes, business dissolutions, breach of contract cases, interference with business relationships, disputes over non-compete clauses (competition law or fair trade), franchise litigation issues, construction law, business torts, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, real estate disputes (including HOA litigation), and general debt collection.

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Clients contemplating bringing a commercial or business litigation matter often have the same questions.  The following is a brief breakdown of some of these common questions and answers.

How long will my litigation matter take?

Unfortunately, this one is difficult to answer as the answer really is that it depends. The length of any litigation matter depends on a number of facts, such as the complexity of the case, the number of parties involved, the willingness of the parties to resolve the dispute, and the court’s schedule.  Certain of these factors are outside of you or your attorney’s control.  For these reasons, a court case can vary in length from a couple of months to a couple of years.

Who will hear my case?

In most cases, a commercial or business lawsuit will be heard by a jury. If the parties agree, a jury may be waived and the case will be heard solely by a judge. The decision as to whether to waive a jury trial and proceed with solely a judge is a strategic one that depends on the facts and circumstances of your particular matter.

What is the likelihood that my case will settle? Will I be required to settle?

Each case is different so it is impossible to assess the likelihood of settlement. Although courts sometimes encourage parties to discuss settlement, or to participate in a mediation (a voluntary settlement conference), you cannot be required to settle. Settlement is always something that should be considered in any litigation matter, however, due to the costs of trial and the uncertainty involved in any litigation matter.

Will my case be filed in Federal or State Court?

Once again, the answer is that it depends. The factors determining whether your case will be filed in Federal or State court depend on the location of the parties involved and the amount in dispute. There are even instance where you could file your claim in either Federal or State Court. In these cases, a tactical decision is made as to best venue for your particular matter.

If I lose my case, can I appeal?

An appeal is usually possible. However, Courts are limited on appeal to reviewing questions of law (not fact). As such, the Court on appeal cannot determine that the jury should have reached a different decision based on the facts, but, rather, reviews whether the case was properly handled (i.e. the jury instructions were proper, the evidence introduced was properly admitted, etc.).

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